Preacher’s Conference in Tapachula, Mexico

Motozintla, Chiapas, where the conference was held

Wow, what a wonderful week Tom had in Tapachula, Mexico.  He came home exhausted, having preached 25 hours in 3 days.  It was one of the most amazing weeks he’s ever had.  He had about 40 preachers and full time workers attended the conference.  Between each session, he asked for someone to give their salvation testimony. While some were real testimonies of their salvation, others were “emotional” experiences.  Having already preached a clear presentation of the gospel, he continued to preach about spiritual discernment.  Again, Tom asked the congregation if there was anyone that realized they hadn’t been saved and Hermano Salmy raised his hand confessing that he needed Christ.  “I just followed my friends down the aisle to get baptized.  No one even asked if we had been saved!”  He came forward and accepted Christ as his Saviour.  This prompted Pastor Fidel to raise his hand, saying that he was in a church and over time had been pushed from one position to another and finally into pastoring the church.  He had been pastoring for quite a few years, but he said, “I have never even asked Christ in my heart, but I want to get saved right now.”  He walked to the front of the class and received Christ as his Saviour.  Then another Pastor raised his hand.  He said that he had been discouraged in the ministry, feeling like he was pulling all the load in his church, so he had resigned and quit the ministry.  He got right with the Lord, and went home to tell his church he would continue pastoring.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace.

Pastor Fidel, Tom, Hermano Salmy

We weren’t sure if Tom would ever make it out of Mexico.  His ticket accidentally got cancelled on his trip down, and when he tried to return, they wouldn’t let him on the plane.  He spent another day and a half getting them to restate his ticket and get him home.  We were so happy to finally pick him up at the airport Sunday morning at 8:30.  We drove right to church where he changed into his suit and stepped into the pulpit to give an update on the ministry.

We’d like to thank each of you for praying for Tom’s trip to Tapachula.  You had a part in an amazing week.

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