The Ones Who Make It Work

Behind the scenes of every ministry, there are those who labor in relative obscurity. They ask for nothing but the privilege and opportunity to serve in such a way so as to exercise their God-given talents.

Such is the case with Abram Villatoro and Emilio Jimenez. Emilio is the general manager of Compassion Radio 104.3 F.M. in San Cristobal and Abram is the general manager of Charity Radio 104.1 F.M. in Concordia. These men have a passion for reaching the lost with the gospel through radio ministry. They never ask for anything except that the needs of their respective radio stations are met in order to continue broadcasting the gospel. These radio ministries require round-the-clock care and these men have shown that they have what it takes to do the job.

Abram and Emilio are not the main voices of Compassion and Charity radios. They rarely make their presence known at the radio by way of the microphone. And yet, they make sure that the right voices are heard in and through the broadcasting of the gospel.

For the past 4 years, we have operated our radio ministries on a shoestring budget. We spend approximately $100 dollars ($50 each) every month on both radio stations. This is very cheap considering the fact that we are reaching over 8 million people 24/7 through our radio ministries with the gospel. This comes out to approximately 0.0000125 cents per listener.

This means that we reach 80 thousand listeners each month with our radio stations for only 1 dollar.

This is what I call efficiency – stretching every penny to its limit. I honestly do not know of a more efficient or effective way to reach the lost with the gospel. However, broadcasting the good news of the gospel through radio requires equipment maintenance and upgrades. It requires upgrading our ¨tools of the trade.¨

At Charity Radio, we are currently broadcasting with a 300 watt transmitter and with a 1000 watt transmitter at Compassion Radio. If we could purchase a third transmitter, we could use one of the transmitters we already have when we get started with our new radio station in Leon.

So on behalf of our radio ministries I ask that you help us purchase a new Nautel VS1 1,400 watt transmitter. The price tag on the Nautel VS1 is $6,700 dollars.

I know this is a hefty sum, but considering how many more lost souls would have the opportunity to hear and believe the gospel would be worth every single dollar. The more watts we transmit with the greater area we will evangelize. Folks, for the time being, radio ministry is how God has chosen to use us as missionaries. He has provided laborers who are willing to do the job. God has provided a massive audience to listen to the gospel via Compassion and Charity radio. I believe that we must strike while the iron is hot. We must go through all the doors God has opened.

I would like to thank those of you who have already given to the Leon radio project. And in advance, I would like to thank those of you who are preparing to give to this amazing ministry opportunity.

If you would like to give toward this new radio ministry, you have to do is click the ¨DONATE¨ button and follow the instructions.

Thank you.

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