The Ones Who Make It Work

Behind the scenes of every ministry, there are those who labor in relative obscurity. They ask for nothing but the privilege and opportunity to serve in such a way so as to exercise their God-given talents.

Such is the case with Abram Villatoro and Emilio Jimenez. Emilio is the general manager of Compassion Radio 104.3 F.M. in San Cristobal and Abram is the general manager of Charity Radio 104.1 F.M. in Concordia. These men have a passion for reaching the lost with the gospel through radio ministry. They never ask for anything except that the needs of their respective radio stations are met in order to continue broadcasting the gospel. These radio ministries require round-the-clock care and these men have shown that they have what it takes to do the job.

Abram and Emilio are not the main voices of Compassion and Charity radios. They rarely make their presence known at the radio by way of the microphone. And yet, they make sure that the right voices are heard in and through the broadcasting of the gospel.

For the past 4 years, we have operated our radio ministries on a shoestring budget. We spend approximately $100 dollars ($50 each) every month on both radio stations. This is very cheap considering the fact that we are reaching over 8 million people 24/7 through our radio ministries with the gospel. This comes out to approximately 0.0000125 cents per listener.

This means that we reach 80 thousand listeners each month with our radio stations for only 1 dollar.

This is what I call efficiency – stretching every penny to its limit. I honestly do not know of a more efficient or effective way to reach the lost with the gospel. However, broadcasting the good news of the gospel through radio requires equipment maintenance and upgrades. It requires upgrading our ¨tools of the trade.¨

At Charity Radio, we are currently broadcasting with a 300 watt transmitter and with a 1000 watt transmitter at Compassion Radio. If we could purchase a third transmitter, we could use one of the transmitters we already have when we get started with our new radio station in Leon.

So on behalf of our radio ministries I ask that you help us purchase a new Nautel VS1 1,400 watt transmitter. The price tag on the Nautel VS1 is $6,700 dollars.

I know this is a hefty sum, but considering how many more lost souls would have the opportunity to hear and believe the gospel would be worth every single dollar. The more watts we transmit with the greater area we will evangelize. Folks, for the time being, radio ministry is how God has chosen to use us as missionaries. He has provided laborers who are willing to do the job. God has provided a massive audience to listen to the gospel via Compassion and Charity radio. I believe that we must strike while the iron is hot. We must go through all the doors God has opened.

I would like to thank those of you who have already given to the Leon radio project. And in advance, I would like to thank those of you who are preparing to give to this amazing ministry opportunity.

If you would like to give toward this new radio ministry, you have to do is click the ¨DONATE¨ button and follow the instructions.

Thank you.

Transmitter For Repeater Site

We have had the funds for the new transmitter site for over a year now, but we have had difficulties in going ahead with the new project.

Alas, after wating, praying and working, I have purchsed a 1000 watt transmitter for our new repeater site at Tzontehuitz Mountain.

We still have a bit of work to do on the site before we are able to begin transmitting, but we are on our way.

We will be able to reach another 7 million people with the Gospel 24 hours a day in addition to the 5 million people we are currently reaching.

Prayer letter May – July 2015

Do you believe in miracles? A little bit of grace goes a long way, because when God gives us His grace, he does not give it in measures, He gives super abounding grace. Desperate times in the life of a sinner call for desperate measures, descending even to the depths of suicide attempts.

Such was the case in the life of Jose Angel. July 20th, at 10:00 a.m., Jose Angel ingested 500 milliliters of weed killer in an attempt to end his life. The doctor told me that 20 milliliters is lethal. Jose`s mother, Consuelo, rushed him to the hospital where the doctors attempted to flush his stomach of the poison, but they were not able to do so because Jose kept pulling the tubes out of his mouth – he wanted to die.

When I arrived at the hospital, I asked Consuelo, who is a member of our church, if she had witnessed to Jose about Jesus. She said that he had never wanted anything to do with God, the Bible or religion. We did not know how much time Jose had to live, and a feeling of desperate urgency came over me to tell Jose about God`s grace, but the doctors would not allow me in the emergency room. Jose was very hostile toward the doctors, so after spending a few hours in the emergency room, they sent him home – nothing more they could do for him, he was too hostile.

As I drove Consuelo and Jose (he looked like death warmed over) home, I reached over, put my hand on Jose`s shoulder and said: ¨I`m so sorry that life has treated you this way. I`m so sorry that you felt the need to attempt suicide.¨ Jose looked at me and said: ¨My life is a mess and I just don’t have anyone I can turn to or confide in¨. I asked him if he would allow me to have a few words about God`s grace with him when we got to his mom`s house, and he agreed.

After we arrived at Consuelo`s house, I began telling Jose about the wonderful and freeing gospel of grace. I told Jose that God loved him as he was and not as he should be because he was never going to be what he should be. I told Jose that Jesus came to seek and save the vilest of sinners, and that he (Jose) was a vile sinner. I told Jose that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. So I asked him if he would like to call on the name of the Lord and here is what he prayed: ¨Jesus, I am such a vile sinner, I believe that you died and rose again, please forgive me and be my Savior.¨

That evening, after I left their house, I called 2 doctor friends of mine and asked them what we could expect to happen to Jose as a result of the poison in his body. They told me that within 10 to 15 days, Jose would begin to lose his mind and that within a few days after that he would suffer a horrific and violent death. I was so terrified; I hardly slept that night as I thought about and prayed for Jose.
The doctors at the hospital did not inform Jose as to what he was going to suffer, so on Tuesday, the 21st, I went and told Jose what the doctors had told me was going to happen to him. It was a sad and tearful time, but I did my best to encourage Jose and his mother in the grace of God.

The days that followed were intense as we prayed, held our breath and waited to see what God was going to do for Jose. Adding to Jose`s troubles was the fact that he and his wife, Juani, had been separated for over a year, so Jose began to put his house in order and I began preparing for his funeral. Each morning I would call Jose and ask how his breathing, heart, stomach and bodily functions were doing. I even went so far as to ask him if he felt like he was losing his mind – he must have thought that I was losing mine for asking such a question. As the 10th day rolled around, we began to relax because Jose`s health was improving, and by the 12th day I had come to grips with the fact that God was doing a miracle in his life so I cancelled all the funeral plans.

Jose Angel
Pictured above left to right:
Juani, Jose, Consuelo

On Sunday July 26th, both Jose and his wife Juani were in church and now we are praying that they can reconcile their differences and begin anew in the grace of God. We have seen 2 miracles of grace – the salvation of Jose`s soul, and the healing of his body. Of the 2 miracles, the salvation of his soul is the greatest, and we are rejoicing in the healing of his body. I want to thank all of you who prayed for Jose, God has answered our prayers on his and our behalf.

Compassion Radio

My name is Tom Sloan Jr.  I am a 3rd generation missionary to Mexico.  My grandfather, Dr. L.H. Ashcraft, was a missionary in Monterrey, Mexico for 30 years.  My Father, Tom Sloan M.D., was a medical missionary to Chiapas, Mexico for 34 years.  And my wife, Mona, and I got started in missions 20 years ago. We are church planting missionaries but God has given us a new and exciting way to  evangelize the lost souls of Mexico and Guatemala thru the radio ministry.

 The Vision For Compassion Radio

The vision has been present since the early 1970’s when Missionary Tom Sloan M.D. started praying specifically for a radio ministry.  God does not give a vision for naught, and we know that visions are transferable from one generation to another.  God gives His laborers a vision and then answers the prayers for those ministry visions. At times it seems that God gives a vision and the present generation prays for that vision. Then He sends another generation to which He transfers that same vision and uses them to answer the prayers and ministry vision of the previous generation. Just as King David prepared everything for the construction of the temple so that his son Solomon could carry out the great task of building the temple, Dr. Tom Sloan has left behind a great provision for the carrying on of his dream to reach the masses with the Gospel.

The Potential Of Compassion Radio

For many years it was impossible to have a Christian Radio Station in Mexico, but God has opened the doors for one in Chiapas, Mexico.  We are currently reaching 5 million folks in the Spanish language with a radio station in San Cristobal De Las Casas and another 500,000 who speak the Mayan languages of Tzotzil, Tzeltal and Tojolabal in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.  God has given us adequate legal paperwork to be able to preach the Gospel on Compassion Radio.  The uniqueness of this radio ministry is the fact that hundreds of thousands of Mexican and Guatemalan people listen to the radio every day.  You can walk six hours from the nearest blacktop road into villages in Chiapas where there is no running water or electricity, but everybody has a battery-powered radio.  This ministry gives us an opportunity to reach people who have been steeped in un-biblical traditions for hundreds of years.  To this day, many of them still worship their ancestors, the moon and sun.  Others trust their witch doctors. We are reaching many of these people with the Gospel thru the ministry of Compassion Radio.

“So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

Tom and Pastor Sebastian at Compassion Radio
 Pastor Sebastian works in the mountains of Chiapas, México where thousands of Mayan Indians live who are easily accessible by way of radio.

In the ‘60s, when my grandfather, Dr. L.H. Ashcraft, was beginning his ministry in Mexico, the Lord gave him the vision to start a Bible Institute.  He found property just outside the city of Monterrey that he thought would be perfect for such a ministry, but he did not have the funds to buy the property.  He took a pastor from Decatur, TX down to Monterrey, and drove him out to the property.  That pastor gives the following testimony: 

“That had to have been the ugliest piece of land I had ever seen; yet Bro. Ashcraft’s enthusiasm was evident in his voice as he pointed here and there and said, ‘Now I’ll build the dorms here; and over here will be the dining hall; I’ll build the chapel over here.’  Then he looked at me and said, ‘Pastor, will you help me buy this property?’

        “I honestly didn’t have the faith then to believe what this man could see through faith’s eye.  But I thought, ‘If I don’t help him, and he fails, I don’t want him coming back to me and pointing his finger in my face and saying, I failed because you didn’t help me.  And if I don’t help him, and he succeeds, I will miss being a part of the blessing.’  So I said, ‘Bro. Ashcraft, I’ll help you.’”

Today, the ministry that began on that ‘ugly’ property is Mount Hebron Baptist Ministries and has produced hundreds of preachers and missionaries and full-time workers that are making an impact, taking the Gospel to Mexico, and to many other parts of the world.

I am presenting the vision that God has given us concerning the ministry of Compassion Radio Network.  We can only imagine what God has for the future of Compassion Radio through the eyes of faith. 

“But unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto HIM be glory.”

We have only had this radio ministry for a little over a year, but have already seen 1 new church established in Berriozabal, Chiapas as a direct result of the ministry of Compassion Radio.  Nelson and his wife Maria placed their faith in Christ as they listened to me preach on Compassion Radio February 25, 2012.  A few months later, we were able to establish Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Berriozabal upon the invitation and request of Nelson. Since then, we have seen others come to faith in Christ in Berriozabal through the ministry of Mount Calvary Baptist Church.

Sloan Compassion Radio pics 020Tom with Nelson and Maria standing next to the radio that they use to listen to Compassion Radio.

Compassion Radio is currently transmitting with a 300 watt transmitter at an altitude of 8,500 feet on Huitepec Mountain and is reaching an area of about 5 million people with the Gospel 24 hours a day.  We are trying to raise $30,000 USD for a new repeater tower on Tzontehuitz Mountain which has an elevation of approx. 9,000 feet.  We will be able to reach another 6 to 7 million people with the Gospel with this new repeater tower. On Tzontehuitz Mountain, I would like to install a 2,500 watt transmitter with a 2 bay antenna.  I would like to upgrade the 300 watt transmitter on Huitepec Mountain to a 1000 watt transmitter and a 2 bay antenna.

Also, we have a desire to install a radio station in Xela, Guatemala. This is a project that we are praying about and are working toward for the near future. Please pray for us as we seek guidance for the radio ministry in Xela, Guatemala.

Sloan Compassion Radio pics 022

Pictured at the transmitter room on Tzontehuitz Mountain  Left to right:  Neto(DJ for Compassion Radio);  Sixto(legal advisor for Compassion Radio);  Tom Sloan Jr.(founder of Compassion Radio Ministries);  George Zarris(Founder Cristian Radio International);   and Emilio Jimenez(full time editor and programing specialist for Compassion Radio).

Here is some of the programming we play on Compassion Radio 104.3 F.M. in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico:

– Thru The Bible with J. Vernon McGee – translated to Spanish.
– Ravi Zacharias – translated to Spanish.
– Adrian Rogers – translated to Spanish.
– Charles Spurgeon -translated to Spanish.
– Unshackled – Pacific Garden Mission, Chicago, Ill.
– I preach every morning at 9:00 A.M. Monday thru Friday.
– My mother, who has been in Mexico for 53 years, teaches
ladies every Friday at 11:00 A.M.
– We have 3 pastors who come in and preach on Compassion Radio in the following native Mayan    Indian languages: Tzotzil, Tzeltal, and Tojolabal.
– We also play sermons by 4 other missionaries and pastors every day.
– We have audio Bible which we play every day in Spanish, Tzotzil and Tzeltal.
-And we also have a good variety of music that we play as well.

Compassion Radio 104.3 F.M. is on 24 hours a day preaching the Gospel of the Grace of God, by the Grace of God.   We started broadcasting on this frequency Sep 4, 2012.

Tom preaching at Compassion Radio In Chiapas, Mexico

Tom preaching at Compassion Radio
In Chiapas, Mexico

Compassion Radio is a non-profit radio station, and the permit that we have for broadcasting does not allow us to do any fund raising over the air.  We are seeking financial support for the expansion of our radio ministry network in Mexico and to be able to install the repeater tower on Tzontehuitz Mountain.

My desire, vision, dream and goal is to set up a network of towers in Mexico and Guatemala so that we can reach more people, more clearly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Compassion Radio And The Plea

There are thousands of Indians in the mountains of Chiapas, living in villages so remote that a vehicle cannot reach them. However, nearly every village has at least one radio, where the Gospel could reach them through the radio waves.  What an opportunity!!  Hear the cry of their souls!  How many would place their faith in Christ if the Gospel came to them over the radio?!  The majority of them are not shaking their fists in God’s face; they’ve just never heard the Gospel.  Just as the disciples beckoned to the other boat to help them get the fish in the boat, I am asking that you help us to bring the harvest in.  Would you be willing for the Lord to use you as a partner in the ministry of Compassion Radio?  I am simply one fisherman asking other fisherman to come help, lest my net break and I am unable to bring in the harvest alone.

Pictured is the transmitter room in construction  atop Tzontehuitz Mountain where we plan to install a 2500 watt transmitter and a 2 bay antenna.

Pictured is the transmitter room in construction
atop Tzontehuitz Mountain where
we plan to install a 2500 watt transmitter
and a 2 bay antenna.

The Requirements For Compassion Radio

  •  Prayer
  •  Laborers
  •  Buildings
  •  Equipment

The vision for the radio has been given, and the Lord is opening doors.  God is going to have to do the work as the arm of flesh is not powerful enough.  But God needs men and women who would lift the arms of the leaders in this ministry.

Pictured is Limbano giving his salvation testimony.   He placed his faith in Christ as a direct result of the ministry of Compassion Radio.

Pictured is Limbano giving his salvation testimony.
He placed his faith in Christ as a direct result of the
ministry of Compassion Radio.

We would like to set up a time when we could come by your church and present the ministry in Mexico.  We are encouraged and exited that God has allowed us to have this ministry in Chiapas, Mexico and are looking forward with much anticipation to what God is going to allow us to do in the future through the network of Compassion Radio.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach the lost souls of Mexico with the Gospel of the Grace of God? We need churches that would be willing to team up with us to carry out the great commission in Mexico and Guatemala.  Would you be willing to take a mission trip to Chiapas, Mexico and see the open doors and what God is doing?  We would love to have you come and visit us.
My home church is Iglesia Bautista Monte Calvario (Mount Calvary Baptist Church)
in Austin, TX.  Doyle Thompson is our pastor.
Our address in Austin is:
6203 Homestead Tr.
Austin, TX 78735

Pastor Doyle Thompson cell number: 512-470-0076
Tom Sloan Jr. US cell number: 512-626-9960
Mexico home phone: 011-52-967-631-5405
Mexico cell number: 011-52-1-967-106-7295

My mission board info is as follows:
Word For The World
P.O Box 849
Rossville, GA   30741-0849
Phone: (706)866-8826

Our mission board has a 501c3 status.
This is where I receive most of the financial support and gifts for the ministry
in Chiapas, Mexico.

Preacher’s Conference in Tapachula, Mexico

Motozintla, Chiapas, where the conference was held

Wow, what a wonderful week Tom had in Tapachula, Mexico.  He came home exhausted, having preached 25 hours in 3 days.  It was one of the most amazing weeks he’s ever had.  He had about 40 preachers and full time workers attended the conference.  Between each session, he asked for someone to give their salvation testimony. While some were real testimonies of their salvation, others were “emotional” experiences.  Having already preached a clear presentation of the gospel, he continued to preach about spiritual discernment.  Again, Tom asked the congregation if there was anyone that realized they hadn’t been saved and Hermano Salmy raised his hand confessing that he needed Christ.  “I just followed my friends down the aisle to get baptized.  No one even asked if we had been saved!”  He came forward and accepted Christ as his Saviour.  This prompted Pastor Fidel to raise his hand, saying that he was in a church and over time had been pushed from one position to another and finally into pastoring the church.  He had been pastoring for quite a few years, but he said, “I have never even asked Christ in my heart, but I want to get saved right now.”  He walked to the front of the class and received Christ as his Saviour.  Then another Pastor raised his hand.  He said that he had been discouraged in the ministry, feeling like he was pulling all the load in his church, so he had resigned and quit the ministry.  He got right with the Lord, and went home to tell his church he would continue pastoring.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace.

Pastor Fidel, Tom, Hermano Salmy

We weren’t sure if Tom would ever make it out of Mexico.  His ticket accidentally got cancelled on his trip down, and when he tried to return, they wouldn’t let him on the plane.  He spent another day and a half getting them to restate his ticket and get him home.  We were so happy to finally pick him up at the airport Sunday morning at 8:30.  We drove right to church where he changed into his suit and stepped into the pulpit to give an update on the ministry.

We’d like to thank each of you for praying for Tom’s trip to Tapachula.  You had a part in an amazing week.